13/14 = many a’ kill recently.

November 27th, 2013

So from 11 weeks of raiding we have kill 13 bosses … this is great going! Very proud of my guild and guildmates.

To summarise a bit:

Malkorok – killed 04/11/2013

With Spoils following very swiftly after on the same night.

A week and a bit later, 13/11/2013, Thok refused to be tamed, so took a dirt nap.

With Blackfuse following in tow on the 19/11/2013

And finally, putting us at 13/14 SoO progress, the Klaxxi kissed the floor on 26/11/2013.

So Garrosh here we come, lets hope its not so long before I update this again!

2 kills, 1 night … one superb raid group!

October 23rd, 2013

Thank you to everyone in the raid group for some excellent raiding this week, but especially last night.

Kor’kron Dark Shaman … First kill 22/10/2013

General Nazgrim … First kill 22/10/2013

Within 2 hours, leaving us almost an hour to have some practice with Malkorok.

Well done guys, truly well done.

Our kill on General Nazgrim wasn’t exactly perfect though…

But we still got res’d up for a group shot

Iron Juggernaut – not so tough now are ya!

October 23rd, 2013

Yet another good kill, nice single target fight.

Once the positioning is “correct” its a quite straightforward fight.

Still good execution by the raid team, hopefully we can get a swift kill this time round too.

Killed 21/10/2013

Galakras is grounded permanently!

October 23rd, 2013

… for this reset anyway…

Awesome going on the Galakras kill. It went so well, we ended up killing it within a few attempts the following night (reset… ok so it didn’t stay grounded for long, but it has been grounded all week this time round!)

Killed 15/10/2013

SoO is going down!

October 3rd, 2013

So as you can tell by my post dates, these are behind the times and happened a while ago.

But currently we have progressed to 4/14 normal mode kills with some good attempts on Galakras under our belts.

Well done on the guild raid team for striving for success, we have done very well in the time we have been facing these bosses.

Immerseus killed 16/09/2013

Fallen Protectors killed 17/09/2013 – had some good practice on this the night before but got a one shot the first attempt the following night, very well done guys and gals.

Norushen killed 24/09/2013 – this took some time getting the raid orb order right but once we did, we wer ready and rearing for the challenge, and we nuked it to bits!

Sha of Pride killed 25/09/2013 – this was a particularly good kill since we managed this on our reset farm night after killing the first 3 bosses that evening, one of which we had only just killed the night before!

Galakras you are going down imminently!